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Light Bulb Replacement Services

Light Bulb Replacement Services

If your bulbs keep gusting, you might want to get an expert to take a quick look. It might be caused by the wires of the light fixtures or because of electrical circuit issues. A lot of proprietors, who are not easy with replacing the light bulbs themselves, might require the current light bulbs to be changed by our expert electricians. With a rise in demand for LED lights lately because of their lesser electricity consumption and resilience, an increasing number of proprietors are replacing their lights with LED lights.

 Why get light repair services?

Light bulbs have to be changed after some time when they fuse, though, repairing a defective light bulb might not be as easy as replacing it with a new bulb. Every light has 4 chief points of failure, the bulb, the switch, the stabilizer, and the electric wiring. Some significant signs that the problem you are experiencing might be more than a blustered bulb are flaming lights, old home wiring, and your bulbs being comparatively new.

Two Usual Replacements to Get Your Lights Functioning Once more

If your light bulb did not brighten up after you have changed it, it might be the bulb frame’s error. You might want to check if the bulb frame is faulty or not directing power to the bulb. Replacing the bulb frame needs the disconnection and connection of electric wiring and the central circuit should be switched off for security reasons. We will recommend that you take a photo of the original frame with the wires joined before replacing it. The photo would serve as a reference when you change the original frame with the new frame and joining the wires.

An additional probable reason for the light bulb not brighten up is a faulty stabilizer. In the lights system, the stabilizer controls the current to the bulbs. It gives adequate power to start the bulbs and confines it’s current thus the bulb gives a steady light and does not burn and blow out. Replacing the stabilizer similarly needs the connection and disconnection of electric wires. Just like replacing the bulb frame, taking a photo as a reference will be useful. When you deal with wire, at all times switch off the central circuit.

You might want to know that the previous version of LED light might need a separate stabilizer however the up-to-date LED lights do not need a separate stabilizer. As such, it might be sensible to replace your lighting with such LED lights for better suitability. For a consistent electrician to give electrical services, please get in touch with LS Electrician Singapore. Our electricians will not dissatisfy you when it comes to light bulb repair and replacement.

Choose LS Electrician Singapore for quality services

Our prices are fair and reasonable, plus we can get your lights back on quickly. Contact our crew and let us know what you want to be fixed, we will let you know the prices and timeline, and then you can choose if you would like to carry on with a booking. Call us now at 67979691.

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