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Electrician in Woodlands

Woodlands is an urban residential town and planning area located towards the North Region of Singapore. Woodland is a border town linked to Malaysia’s Johor Bahru city through the Johor-Singapore boarder Causeway.

Woodlands residential area is surrounded by the Sembawang planning area towards the eastern side, Mandai coastal line towards the southern side, Sungei Kadut towards the western side and Johor Bahru border to the northern side. Woodlands New Town comprises of three subzones that include Admiralty, Woodgrove, and Marsiling. All the subzone areas in Woodlands are blessed with modern developments and facilities that replicate the architectural brilliance of Singapore.

Woodlands new town is popularly known for providing affordable residential housing developed by the Housing Development Board. Woodlands is densely populated because it functions as a connecting link between Malaysia and Singapore and Malaysia. Being a modern and boarder residential area, it caters for numbers of both locals and foreigners who flock to the area due to affordable housing prices. Residents of Woodlands planning area reside in a healthy living condition that guarantees their safety. Furthermore, the region is filled with numerous facilities like the medical center, shopping malls, schools, parks, and other recreational amenities that add fun and ensures community integration as well as bonding among residents and visitors. The northern part of Woodlands estate has an extended green portion which gives the best place to experience the Woodlands calmness and attractiveness of nature. The residential blocks in Woodlands are well designed displaying exceptional modern housing style.

The Woodlands new town has an efficient modern transport network with several MRT stations bus interchanges, an airport, and several expressways. The region has well-connected road systems with the Seletar and the Bukit Timah Expressways connecting woodlands residents to other towns and into Malaysia. There is an underground bus Interchange terminal that ferries residents to and from work at an affordable price. In addition to the road transport system, the region has a Mass Rapid Transit station that offers rail transport at frequent intervals of two to eight minutes and is quite affordable. Most of the MRT stations have transit line that runs through the residential estates and into the substations for picking residents.

Woodlands is a residential estate that has given education top priority. Numerous educational institution exists across woodlands conveying high-quality learning and knowledge across the region. Apart from class work, numerous sports schools existing in woodlands encourage students and other residents to pursue and get the most out of their sports talents.

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Electrician in Woodlands 


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