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Electrician in Tanglin

Tanglin is a luxurious planning area and residential district located in the Central district of Singapore. Tanglin is positioned in the western side of Newton and Orchard towns, southeastern side of River Valley town and River Singapore, the southern region of Novena, eastern side of Bukit Timah, and towards the northeastern part of Queenstown being a leafy suburb, it mainly contains luxurious hotels, grand houses, and embassies. Tanglin is enclosed between Orchard planning area and the Holland Village which makes it a quiet and stylish region.

Tanglin is described by stunning greenery appearance that spread along the quiet streets filled with a full collection of different varieties of flora and fauna ideal for evening strolls. Presence of the Botanic Gardens in the Central Business District makes the city attractive to families. Furthermore, the town’s outdoor artworks attract tourists, picnic and concert goers who love spending their leisure time relaxing in open-air space. Partygoers and adventure seekers will enjoy the Cocktail drinks from the trendy bars and restaurants located on Dempsey Hill in the former British military camp. Additionally, shoppers will enjoy the traditional ornaments and art drawings from the art shops line along the Tanglin Road.

Tanglin residential areas comprise of prestigious Bungalows and landed houses that sell at very high prices. Most of the residential homes in Tanglin come from private green gardens and substantial square footage for loans, and car parking areas. A large number of affluent Citizens in Singapore reside in this areas. Being a prestigious residential region that houses numerous embassies, many elite Citizens in Singapore prefer living here as it is heavily protected with high safety levels. Since the Botanic Gardens are found in this region, many people who stay here see it as the perfect place to avoid the commotion and the hustle of the city.

Most residents of Tanglin region own vehicle which makes it difficult for public transport to prosper or develop. The area has no a Mass Rapid Transport. Very few bus services exist in this area. Tanglin is a cool neighborhood with very minimal nightlife.

Residing in Tanglin means guaranteeing your safety and security since armed security officers heavily guard most of the areas in Tanglin. This is a prestigious environment that will not only give you value for your money but will give you’re the peace of mind that any person will wish for.

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Electrician in Tanglin


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